2021 Mini Teen Summer Camps

NEW mini teen summer camps

Teen-only glassmaking day camps will begin in June at Pittsburgh Glass Center. These new day-long summer sessions give students ages 12 – 18 the opportunity to work with glass in all four of our state-of-the-art glass studios. Choose to enroll in just one or up to all four unique sessions for the ultimate teen glass experience. Students work closely with our expert glass artists and learn glassblowing, flameworking, kilnforming, and coldworking methods.  Classes run from 9am-5pm with a break at 12:30 for lunch.


Morning Studio:  9:00am – 12:30pm 
Lunch: 12:30 – 1:00  (Students must provide their own lunch.)
Presentation/Demonstration: 1:00 – 1:30  
Afternoon Studio: 1:30- 5:00pm 
SECOND SESSION: July 19, 20, 21, and 22  (Scholarship application due July 5)
THIRD SESSION: July 26, 27, 28, and 29  (Scholarship application due July 5)

APPLY for a Scholarship (Even though classes may appear to be full, scholarships are still available for the 2nd and 3rd sessions)

Pendant Design


June 19, July 19, July 26


Learn to make glass pendants with a torch and stained glass techniques in this combo class for teens.  

Using an oxygen/propane torch in the flame shop, learn to melt a solid rod of glass using gravity, tools and a steady hand to manipulate the molten glass into personalized glass pendants. Use a variety of colored frit (tiny bits of glass color) to create swirls, dots and explosions of color! Glass loops will be added to finish off your new pendant. 

In the kiln studio, learn the basics of stained glass from pattern to finished project. Learn how to use cutting tools and grinders to shape sheet glass, how to solder glass creations together to make an assortment of winged creatures, crawly insects and floral garden stakes. ($100)


Hot Glass Casting


June 20, July 20, July 27


Learn to sand cast and draw with molten glass and make mosaics in this combo class for teens.  

In the hot shop, use molten glass to create sand castings and unique burn drawings. Learn to cast molten hot glass from the 2,000-degree furnace into sand relief molds to make three-dimensional sculptures and use hot glass and metal to create burned imagery on paper and wood.  

Learn the ancient and intricate art of glass mosaics. Design a pattern or image with sheet glass on a wooden backing to create a stunning wall piece. Learn the basics of mosaic design, glass cutting, layout and grouting. ($100)


fusing with young artists


June 26, July 21, July 28


Learn fusing and flameworking basic techniques in this combo class for teens. 

Using a solid rod of glass, an oxygen/propane torch and a steady hand, learn to apply color and manipulate molten glass using gravity and a few tools in the flame shop.  Create up to five magnets from rods of clear glass and bits of colorful glass. Learn a number of techniques for shaping and personalizing the magnets. 

In the kiln shop, cut and combine brilliantly colored pieces of sheet glass, glass granules and thin glass strands to create luminous suncatchers, magnets and functional dishes. Learn the basics of glass fusing and make a number of decorative and functional glass objects. ($100)


Coldworking Glass

Glassblowing + embossing 

June 27, July 22, July 29 


Learn how to blow and emboss glass in this combo class for teens.  

Learn to blow glass at the 2,000-degree furnace. Experiment with molten glass, work with glass color and compressed air to inflate glass into different shapes and patterns.   

In the cold shop, learn to use the state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to emboss glass in its solid state. Personalize your provided glasses using sandblasting, glass carving, etching, polishing, and dremeling techniques. ($100)