Summer Intensive

Mon, July 27
Fri, July 31, 2015


Cold Shop

Difficulty Level

Beginner, Intermediate


This class will refine a basic understanding of cold constructing and sculpting glass in order to help create a balance between ideas of technique and concept. You will become familiar with Cold Shop equipment, then narrow your interests to help problem solve through projects by mindfully deciding the next step. Everyone will concentrate on completing one sculpture with the option of adding multiple components. Please expect to learn through experimentation of constructing and repurposing glass parts using Cold Shop equipment and adhesives.

This class will appeal to anyone interested in relating ideas to technique and taking a unique approach to glass sculpture. Anyone willing to build on prior knowledge and experience will benefit from this class. Please come with a curiosity about how to transform glass as material in the Cold Shop!

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Laura Beth Konopinski

Throughout her artistic career, Laura Beth Konopinski has kept her material concentration primarily with glass, although she uses other mediums including photography and metal. She has worked in facilities such as Pittsburgh Glass Center, Penland School of Crafts and the Corning Museum of Glass, which has allowed her to explore many methods of the glass making processes. Though to satiate her desire to be outdoors, she has held various environmental conservation positions in conjunction with pursuing her artistic endeavors. 

Arising from her passion and labors with environmental conservation, Laura Beth repurposes used materials and integrates carefully preserved organic compounds into sculpted layers of glass. She uses transparent glass as a lens for distortion to emphasize the ambiguous nature of human perspective of reality. Laura Beth facilitates the idea of a transformative perception on sentiment by interrelating figurative imagery to biological materials. To keep her mind flowing, she continually questions human rationale in relation to evolutionary adaptations of all things.


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