Summer Intensives

Mon, June 3
Sat, June 8, 2019


Flame Shop

Difficulty Level

All Skill Levels


8 remaining of 10

Instructor: Matt Tyner

Starting with basic techniques involving hollow blown glass tubing and basic color application you will learn to expand your practice. Concepts will extend from basic structure and lead into more involved builds through a natural progression of ideas and methods. Beginning with clear hollow glass techniques of shaping and flow then leading into the physics and chemistry of glass, you will learn how to better apply your strengths and overcome your deficiencies. Individual techniques to be explored, but not limited to, are: blown shaping, single layer color application, blow outs, frit and powder application, vacuum encasement, cane, implosion, compression, multi-layer encasement, color tubing, assembly construction, complex montage work, wig wag reversals, solid to hollow attachment methods, goblets, and functional techniques. Conceptual thought, philosophy, and theory dialogues are encouraged and promoted throughout the class.


Matt Tyner

Matt Tyner has been working with glass for the last decade in Asheville North Carolina with a full-time approach to developing unique artwork and cutting-edge application of techniques and styles.  His work focuses on vivid colors, pleasing aesthetics, and function.  Occasionally whimsical but always practical he has an extensive understanding of glass as a medium of creative expression and the ideal material for inspiration.  He has instructed students at yearly conferences, regular private instruction, as well as The Studio at Corning Museum in early 2015.



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