Spring Intensive


Instructor: Joseph Cavalieri

Check-in on Friday and 6pm and join us for an informative lecture with Joseph Cavalieri. Then get right to it on Saturday and Sunday. Learn multiple techniques to change the surface of stained glass including painting, air-brushing (using an atomizer), pen-and-ink drawing, sandblasting and silk screening. You don’t need to be a professional painter, you can trace found images onto the glass, and your instructor will supply a variety of silk screens for you to use. First cut a simple design out of colored glass. Then use these processes to add patterns and imagery with enamel paints which are kiln fired onto the glass. On the second day, you will copper foil and solder the glass together to create the final work.

Hours: Friday, 6-7:30pm, Saturday and Sunday: 9:30am–5:30pm class, Clean-up at 5:30pm on Sunday.



Spring Intensives

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