Summer Intensives


Instructor: Kazuki Takizawa

What is creativity? How does one become more creative? As glassmakers, we are prone to be immersed in building our skill level. We surround ourselves with technical wonders about the material, and set personal goals to achieve the next big techniques that we want to master. But how do we learn to be creative?

In this class, you will challenge yourself to seek innovative uses of techniques in order to find your own voice in glass. Demonstrations will be given on traditional glassblowing techniques such as cane roll-up, bit work and hot/cold glass assembly methods. Through skill-building exercises and mini-experimentations, you will work on finding your own perfect balance between technique and creativity. Finding time for experimentation in the hot shop can be costly, but is essential in producing work that stands out from others. Whether you are a production glassmaker or conceptual artist, creativity is the key component to survival as makers. As a class, we will inspire each other and help each other through troubleshooting and refinement. Bring your wildest ideas you have about glass to find ways to incorporate them into your current or new body of work. 



Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Intermediate, Advanced

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