Summer Intensives


Instructor: deb crowley

Immerse yourself in sculpting marine flora and fauna in soft and Borosilicate glass to create unique glass vignettes. Discover the joy of creating lifelike displays in the flame using all the amazing palettes and varied techniques of the modern day lampworker. We will be building on deb's "Just Dive IN" series, but it is not required to join this class. Be ready for an exciting, fast-paced week chock full of deb's techniques.

deb will demonstrate each animal or plant and include reference materials and secret tricks for some of her best selling items! We will learn to use dichroic and foil in fish, enamel for body patterns and develop those pricey silver lusters while keeping that soft glass hot and happy! We will be breaking down body shapes, coloring, patterns and discovering the best methods for reproducing that plant or animal in the most realistic way. We'll start with simple soft glass fish, then move on to more lifelike fish the second day. On day three we will sculpt Borosilicate flora and on day four, we will finish with blowing fantastic, realistic shells with Borosilicate tubing! On Friday we will finish assembling our vignettes and do some final torch adjustments to the Borosilicate elements and fish pegs where needed. On Friday after clean up, we will take a group class photo with all those gorgeous aquatic vignettes! deb is very much looking forward to teaching this class and diving in with all of you!

You are encouraged to bring driftwood, burl or coral that we can drill out for the display base. It must be as flat as possible on the bottom. A few will be available for purchase but they are available on many online sites.


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Ace

Dates for Aquatic Immersion: Diving Deeper

May 13
May 17, 2019
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deb crowley

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