Summer Intensives


Instructors: Adam Holtzinger and Nate Cotterman

As craftspeople, whether the intention is to be a studio artist, production glass maker or to fabricate your own design objects, the skills of communication and bringing 2D concepts into the 3rd dimension are integral to your success. We will discuss client-maker relationships, how to effectively communicate ideas and execute individual projects in the hot shop.

This class will cover design basics and the tools necessary to illustrate your ideas, making them clear to yourself and your potential “client”. Hand drawing, simple schematics and scale drawings in Adobe Illustrator, as well as 3d modeling in Cinema 4D are the tools we will discuss and demonstrate to gain a better understanding of the importance in pre-visualization and problem solving prior to execution. The goal of this process is to have a clear and concise idea of the object’s overall design, look and scale prior to entering the hot shop. Using our drawings, calipers and classic glass blowing techniques, we will execute our ideas as close to scale as possible, look at them critically and make adjustments to design where necessary. We ask that you bring an open mind and a critical eye to this class.

With over 20+ years combined design and fabrication experience, Adam Holtzinger and Nate Cotterman have worked for top artists, designers and architects in LA, NYC and abroad.  


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Dates for Back to the Drawing Board

Jun 24
Jun 28, 2019

Adam Holtzinger, Nate Cotterman

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