4-Week Class


First, discover the basics of gathering and shaping a perfect sphere in Borosilicate (hard) glass. Then explore a number of techniques to decorate and make various types of marbles, like onion skin and cat’s eye, among others. No experience is required, but more advanced students will also benefit from both exercising their current skill set and learning new techniques.

Instructor: Chad Parker

Chad Parker started flame working as a hobby in 2010. Jumping around making different things he wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do with glass until he made his first marble. He has been making his "monsterZ" style marble for 5 years now with with a large group of collectors spread out over the US and Canada. He loves teaching at the Pittsburgh Glass Center and Touchstone Center for Crafts but most enjoys getting together with other glass blowers and collaborating on projects outside his normal body of work especially when it involves getting into the hot shop or working in other mediums. Learn more about him on:

Instagram @monstermarbleZ



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Dates for Borosilicate Marblez

Mar 28
Apr 18, 2019
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