Summer Intensives


Instructor: Evelyn Dunstan

Together with the use of lead crystal glass we will create challenging wax to glass forms that explore the benefits of this kilncasting process further. From thick to the fine, with intricate detail and undercuts, create textures in a variety of scale and forms: open, closed or hollow, floating and color placement. It's about equipping yourself to investigate further the directions you want to explore.

We will introduce materials, tricks, short cuts, develop skills working with wax in all its forms - from a hot liquid to cold solid, manipulation, construction, master moulds and surface treatments; learn the capabilities of refractory materials, how you can modify them, the advantages of different application methods, and outcomes.

Using the challenge of creating a small but intricate first project will quickly step you through basic processes. Then these new techniques can be concentrated into your own project where you apply your ideas, and modify to interact more effectively with your individual application.
The focus is on understanding and utilising the unique properties wax and refractories offer, the interaction of materials, techniques and process and translating this through your work to gain control, predictability and precision.

Some previous glass experience is essential, so you have a basic understanding about glass compatibility, and the normal casting process. Advance students welcome.


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Ace

Dates for Casting Alternatives

Jul 1
Jul 5, 2019
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Evelyn Dunstan

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