Coldworking Open Projects

Advanced 8-week Class

Spend 8 weeks in the cold shop learning new techniques and improving existing skills with projects that you design with the help of an instructor. This course offers full access to all cold shop machines, including the saws, etching lathes, grinder, sandblaster, polisher, and other tools.

Intro to Coldworking, 24 hours of coldworking experience, or instructor permission is required.

Class Details


September 26 - November 14 -

Day: Thu


Tuition: $ 320.00

Members receive a 10% discount

Cold Shop

  • 770 sq. ft. air conditioned shop
  • One 30" Sommer and Maca flat lap pumice wheel
  • Two 36" Steinert variable speed flat grinding wheels 
  • Two Bohemia BMK1 lathes
  • One Merker GNH engraving lathe
  • And more...