Summer Intensives


Instructor: Rye

The earliest known evidence of human civilization has been derived from carved artifacts. Before we made tools from metal and ceramic, we used our hands to grind soft stones with harder ones; allowing us to make some of our first tools and relics. Through the art of engraving glass, we will explore ways in which we interact with this extensive history in our day-to-day lives. By utilizing both the coldshop and torchworking area, you will develop new ways to combine these processes and push the boundaries of your creative practice.

We will begin by learning color layering and sculpting techniques in borosilicate glass to make objects and surfaces that can then be engraved. After learning various ways of mark making in the coldshop, these techniques will be combined to further enhance our designs from the torch. Daily group discussion will focus on developing our ideas further both technically and conceptually. Experimentation, self-expression, and sketchbooks full of concepts are highly encouraged; fortune favors the bold.


Summer Intensives

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