Design, Develop and Display Magical Sculptural Beads

Intermediate-Ace 1-week Intensive Class
We will start with discussing which elements of a bead could indicate magic to the viewer. This will become one of our lists to draw from when creating new imaginary creatures. Instructor Marcy Lamberson will teach sculptural beads which incorporate these features. For example, here are a few of the beads you'll learn: Dragons - wings, horns, tails; Mermaids - tails and fins; and Unicorns with their twisted horn. These beads will be taught in a discussion with a hand drawn step-by-step illustration and then demonstrated in the flame as a bead. The step-by-step can be photographed as a reminder once you go home. The dual teaching style provides you with additional ways to understand and ask questions. After that, you will learn how to design new imaginary creatures and we'll work together as a class and individually on these designs and development of them. It will increase your comfort of creativity and techniques used. Then we'll take it a step further to merge traditional glass beadmaking techniques with the new ones in class for these new inventions. And will make them more than once while practicing how to refine an original design to improve it. Like a painting looks better with the perfect frame, we'll design artistic bead stand displays for the new beads. It will reinforce and elevate your artistic voice. Some of the areas of focus include heat control, techniques, design, display, and teacher/group input as well. We'll also discuss creativity, proportion, visual emphasis and color.

Class Details


June 10 - June 14 -

Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri


Tuition: $ 900.00

Members receive a 10% discount

Flame Shop

  • 900 sq. ft. air conditioned shop with 12 workstations
  • Nortel Major/Minor Torches
  • Benchtop annealers with 12" x 9" interior
  • Toolbox with essential tools for working with glass
  • Ventilation hood
  • And more...

About the Instructor(s)

Marcy Lamberson

Marcy Lamberson came into beadmaking from a watercolor background and thinking she wanted to make encased florals. Well, that wasnt what happened.

Instead she found sculptural glass beadmaking. The joy of stretching molten glass that feels like honey and seeing how well she could challenge herself in keeping it all the right temperature while increasing the details. She uses her watercolor skills for color mixing and layering.

Melting glass since 2002 and teaching for more than 10 years, she has presented and taught twice for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers Gathering as well as classes around the country over the years.

Currently, Marcy Is teaching glass at studios around the country, selling online and is a Mentor in the ISGB online program. You can follow Marcy on Facebook and Instagram under MarcyLamberson.