Summer Intensives


Instructors: Heather Hartle & Margot Jacobs 

Want to learn to engrave, but not sure which tool suits your style? You will be introduced to both lathe turned wheel and micromotor driven bur engraving skills. This class is a great opportunity to learn the basics with each tool. You will be introduced to the operation and maintenance of a portable engraving lathe and the copper, stone and diamond wheels used to cut the glass. In addition, you will learn skills using a dremel or micromotor with diamond, stone and rubber burs. Supporting topics include the recent history of glass engraving, design advantages and limitations of each tool, choosing glass, and finishing your work. Cameo, intaglio, and color overlay engraving will be introduced with practice blanks available to explore each material. New topics and skills will be presented each day with time to practice and add new skills to your class project. Instruction will be individualized to your level of experience. Come prepared with reference materials of images and drawings to use as design elements.        


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Newbie, Beginner, Intermediate

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