Summer Intensives


Instructor: Ashley McFarland

Explore kilnforming through a variety of techniques and the manipulation of temperatures. In this class we will dive deep into our kilns in order to observe and create at 1250F-1600F. Using powders, students will be able to print, mold and shape their glass at the lower end of the temperature spectrum. We will then slump, form and flow up to the higher temperatures through more traditional kiln casting and mold making. Beginners are welcome but more advanced kilnformers will also enjoy this explorative class.

This class is a study of the sculptural formation of kilnformed glass. We will look closely at what is happening in our kilns and discuss how to change the results using temperature, molds and binders. It is amazing what a 25 degree fluctuation in temperature will do! An inquisitive nature and the use of the scientific method will be encouraged.

Please come prepared with imagery in mind to turn in to glass and also 1-2 small found objects.


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Newbie, Beginner, Intermediate

Dates for Kilning It From Warm to Hot

Jun 3
Jun 7, 2019

Ashley McFarland

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