Summer Intensives


Instructors: Janis Miltenberger and Susan Taylor Glasgow

Lampworking is a wonderful technique to create components that can be combined to form both functional and non-functional sculpture. This will be a directed class with the purpose of creating a chandelier. We will begin with a blank chandelier, wiring intact, and during the course of the class you will build the glass components to embellish the chandelier frame.

In class you will establish basic skills of how to make well-built solid work. Through daily class demonstrations, individual instruction and practice, you will gain skill.
 We will be using clear and colored Borosilicate glass, a torch and hand tools. We will bend, reconfigure and shape both thin and thick glass rods and blow hollow tubing. Components, may be sandblasted, painted and coldworked depending on your needs. Students should have experience with small tube blown vessels.

Note: There is an additional materials fee of $100 chandelier hardware, payable directly to the instructor at the start of class.


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level


Dates for Lampworking for Chandelier Construction

Jul 29
Aug 2, 2019

Janis Miltenberger, Susan Taylor Glasgow

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