Summer Intensives


Instructors: Chad A. Parker and Topher Reynolds

Chad and Topher will be demoing and giving hands on detailed instructions on a variety of practical marble techniques aimed at the beginner or intermediate glass blowers. Theses topics will include but are not limited to: Compressions, twist designs, fuming with gold and silver, tube implosions, backing designs, and opal encasement. There will be a strong emphasis on combining multiple techniques into single pieces with the goal of opening up opportunities for collaboration. Nothing embraces the “open source” ideal in marbles more than multiple artists working on a single piece. We will be focusing on skills ranging from beginner friendly to more advanced techniques to meet the needs of large variety of glass makers and enthusiasts.


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

All Skill Levels

Dates for Making Marbles with Chad and Topher: From monsterZ to Galaxies

Aug 5
Aug 9, 2019

Chad Parker, Topher Reynolds

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