Mosaic Pod Workshop for Two People

All Skill Levels 2-hour Workshop

Arrange small pieces of colored glass on a base to produce a unique 2D design.

There are two options:

Traditional Cold Mosaic $115/person - Traditional cold mosaics are assembled using glue, grout to adhere colored glass to a 6x6 wood base.

Fused Mosaic $115/person - Using sheet glass and glass powder, this technique allows you to create a design or image in glass without the grout. Final designs are fired in the kiln making a solid piece of art.

Our introductory hands-on pod workshops are new and specially designed for 2–5 friends and family members. You will work in a small group with only those people in your pod who you’ve invited to this class.

You will receive guided instruction from a local teaching artist to help you create your own sculpted glass work of art. 

This is a 2-hour experience. Each person will make 1 item. All ages. 2-5 people.

Special Notes

Here’s how to register:</p>
<p><strong>Create your pod.</strong> Make a list of friends and family who will take the workshop with you. (No individuals other than those you invite will be allowed to take part in the class.)</p>
<p><strong>Choose a time and date that is good for everyone. </strong> Pod classes are available Saturday and Sunday. Only 1 pod class will take place in the studio at a time.</p>
<p><strong>Decide what you would like to make. </strong> Everyone in the group must make the same item. Choose from:</p>
<ul><li>Traditional Cold Mosaic $115/person</li>
<li>Fused Mosaic $115/person</li></ul></p>
<p><strong>Register and pay with credit card online. </strong> When you register you will be paying for 2 people and reserving your day and time. Each person costs $115.</p>
<p>We will contact you to confirm your reservation. You can pay the remainder of the balance for your other guests at that time.</p>
<p>Private lessons, tours and demonstrations are also available. Visit <a href=” “ target=”_blank”></a> to get more information.</p>
<p>If you have any questions, contact us at <a href=”mailto:”></a> or call 412-365-2145.

Class Details


December 12 -

Day: Sat

Remaining Seats: 1


Tuition: $ 230.00

Members receive a 10% discount

Kiln Shop

  • 950 sq. ft. air conditioned shop
  • Four 2’ x 3’ casting kilns
  • Two 18" x 24" fusing/casting combination kilns
  • Two 20” x 40” fusing kilns
  • Two 24" w x 15" h x 22.5" d front-loading Paragon kilns
  • And more...