Summer Intensives


Instructor: Katherine Rutecki

In this class we will be learning, step-by-step, the process involved in sculpting, molding and firing a press molded pâte-de-verre relief panel. Pâte-de-verre is a kilncasting technique using granulated glass for the potential to direct color placement in the mold. Press molding is a refractory mold technique where the grains of glass are packed and sandwiched between two sides of a mold. This technique allows for the potential for sculptural imagery on both front and back of the thin-cast panel. We will be getting our inspiration from the city of Pittsburgh. The class will begin with an adventure on location in Pittsburgh where we will be pulling molds directly from city surfaces to include in our sculptures, drawing from the style of assemblage. There will be a strong focus on relief sculpting, incorporating impressions pulled off of the gorilla-style rubber molds made on the first day of class. (The mold material we will be using on our Pittsburgh adventure is quick set and does not damage surfaces.) 


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Ace

Dates for Press Molded Pâte de Verre Relief Casting

Jul 15
Jul 19, 2019

Katherine Rutecki

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