Raising Cane

Beginner 4-week Class
This unique twist on the traditional art of pulled fancy glass canes will cover Filigrana (filigree), Zanfirico (polychrome canes), and Lattachino (helix-style, braided canes). Don't let those impressive Italian names intimidate you. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate student who has never worked with cane before, your fearless instructor Fig will help you on this educational journey. Learn to draw out glass and combine colors to create fantastic patterns. Once a cane is complete, learn how to use it to design marbles, beads, and sculptural items. Instructor: Michael Fig Mangiafico

Class Details


March 24 - April 14 -

Day: Sun

Remaining Seats: 9


Tuition: $ 190.00

Members receive a 10% discount

Scholarship Information

Flame Shop

  • 900 sq. ft. air conditioned shop with 12 workstations
  • Nortel Major/Minor Torches
  • Benchtop annealers with 12" x 9" interior
  • Toolbox with essential tools for working with glass
  • Ventilation hood
  • And more...