Summer Intensives


Instructor: Theresa Sharp

Let's start from square one and learn the ins and outs of glass beadmaking (flameworking) with soft glass on a mandrel. A perfect introductory course for anyone who wants to learn proper safety in the flame shop, techniques for melting glass into fabulously colorful beads, and have tons of time to practice and experiment. Theresa will guide you through the super fun process of melting colorful glass rods using heat, gravity and basic tools over a torch, creating surface patterns and how to change the shape. You'll soon get the basics down, and your personal style will start to shine through!

The course will alternate daily between demos and practice time. Bring a sketchbook to take notes and work out ideas, and feel free to take pics to help remember the step-by-step instructions. Troubleshooting common mistakes with Theresa will fast-track your experience and lessen the mystery of working with this alive medium.

As your skills progress, we will create twisties, encased beads, learn stringer control, and Theresa's favorite technique: sculptural beads, like animals and small objects.

You will not only leave with enough confidence and skill to work independently at the torch, but your friends will marvel at your one-of-a-kind wearable works of art. Win-win!


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

Newbie, Beginner

Dates for Some Like it Hot! Introduction to Beadmaking

Jun 24
Jun 28, 2019

Theresa Sharp

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