For Summer Intensive Participants ONLY


Students in summer intensives can purchase a lunch plan for $60 a week.

Each day we provide lunch from a different local restaurant such as YinzBurgh BBQ, Pho Minh and Harris Grill. Meals range from sandwiches to burgers and international cuisine. They always include a salad, fruit, dessert and a beverage. 

On the first day of class, students are given a menu and asked to choose their options for the week. Vegetarians and other special needs can be accommodated. It's best to email as far in advance as possible.

We offer lunch to students as a convenience. You are not required to purchase lunch. Some students bring their own lunch, but many find it more convenient to eat at PGC since lunchtime is only an hour.

After you click "Register" please indicate in the notes what class(es) you are registering for. 

The lunch plan is offered for Summer Intensive courses only.


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