May 13—August 9, 2019


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May 13–17

Jason Christian: Fine Line (Hot)
deb crowley: Aquatic Immersion: Diving Deeper (Flame)
Michael Endo: Constructed Images: Kilnformed Glass Painting and Drawing (Kiln)

May 20–24 

Ross Richmond: Hot Sculpting Techniques (Hot)
Jason Howard: If You Can Understand It, You Can Do It! (Flame)
deb crowley: Dreamy Fine Art Dichroic Jewelry (Kiln/Cold)

May 27–31 

Michiko Sakano: Can You Make Me a Glass Rainbow? (Hot)
Nikolai "TAFFY" Morse: Making Faces: Sculpting Inside the Boro Bubble (Flame)
Anna Mlasowsky: Particle Theory II: Exploring the Possibilities of Glass Powder (Kiln)
Pavel Novak: Cold Construction and Lamination (Cold)

June 3–7

Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz: Nuts & Bolts / Form & Color (Hot)
Matt Tyner: Glass Trek: Discovery (Flame)
Ashley McFarland: Kilning It From Warm to Hot (Kiln)
Matteo Seguso: The Wonderland of Engraving and Coldworking (Cold)

June 10–14

Jaime Guerrero and Ed Kirshner: Blow and Glow (Hot)
Marcy Lamberson: Design, Develop & Display Magical Sculptural Beads (Flame)
Amanda Simmons: Blending Colors in Tall Vessel Forms (Kiln)

June 17–21

Leo Tecosky: Yo! Hot Glass Fundamentals (Hot)
Tim Drier: Flameworking Fundamentals (Flame)
Amanda Simmons: Glass Powders and Kilnformed Glass Vessels (Kiln)

June 24–28

Adam Holtzinger and Nate Cotterman: Back to the Drawing Board (Hot)
Theresa Sharp: Some Like It Hot! Introduction to Beadmaking (Flame)
Alyssa Oxley: The Box and Triptych Wall Panels (Kiln)

July 1–5

Giles Bettison: Sheet Glass Murrini for Blown Vessels (Hot)
Chaiah SullivanIntricate Nature Design: Cacti, Flowers, and More (Flame)
Evelyn Dunstan: Casting Alternatives (Kiln)
Csilla Szilágyi and Gergely MindakMake Your Own Glass Mark! (Cold)

July 8–12

Teen Boot Camp (for grades 6–12)

July 15–19 

Michael Schunke and Josie Gluck: Make Your Own Cups (Hot)
Sally Prasch: Flameworking with Sally (Flame)
Katherine Rutecki: Press Molded Pâte de Verre Relief Casting (Kiln)
František Janák: How to Make a Glass Sculpture (Cold)

July 22–26

Tom Moore: Constructing Quirky Narratives (Hot)
Brent Rogers and Beccy Feather: Hustle and Flow (Flame)
Susan Taylor Glasgow: Your Personal Vision: Text and Imagery on Glass (Kiln)

July 29–August 2

Suzie Ririe: Rhythm and Repetition (Hot)
Janis Miltenberger and Susan Taylor Glasgow: Lampworking for Chandelier Construction (Flame)
Nisha Bansil: From Paper to Glass, Thin Folded Forms (Kiln)

August 5–9

Patrick Martin: Investment Strategies (Hot)
Chad A. Parker and Topher Reynolds: Making Marbles with Chad & Topher: From monsterZ to Galaxies (Flame)
Mathieu GrodetEnameling Your Own Glass Creations (Kiln/Hot/Flame)


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