Summer Intensives


Instructor: Matteo Seguso

The main target of this class is for your instructor Mattteo Seguso to share as much of his knowledge as possible with you and you with him.
This class is designed for all levels, because the intention is to teach the basics so that you best understand engraving and Matteo's particular way of engraving. You'll learn how he works and his techniques, which tools and wheels he uses and how. We’ll use a lathe with interchangeable spindles on which are fixed wheels with different features.

In the morning we will learn, train and share. In the afternoon, we will practice all that we have seen in the morning or in the previous days. In the morning Matteo will demonstrate for an hour or two. During that time he will show different styles and tools and at the end of the demonstration we will discuss what we ahveseen. All students will be able to ask about all they want to know, curiosity, doubts and misgivings. Then the students will start to learn new styles and techniques, with Matteo around to give guidance and to response at any student needs. After lunch time, students will practice what they have learned in the morning and in the previous days.

Those who already have engraving experience can better refine your own technique, and who have no experience can make an approach into the engraving world. Please bring with you pictures, dvd, book or any other material you have about your works.

Drawing is not intigral to the process but it can help. You don’t need to be a great illustrator, but for engraving it’s sufficient know just draw correct guide lines. Students should bring two or three water resistant markers.


Summer Intensives

Difficulty Level

All Skill Levels

Dates for The Wonderland of Engraving and Coldworking

Jun 3
Jun 7, 2019

Matteo Seguso

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