Autism Acceptance Hot Jam


Join us along with Evolve Coaching for a special virtual glassblowing demonstration to kick off Autism Acceptance Month. Featured Pittsburgh-based illustration artist Chas will provide the inspiration for the demonstration. We'll be recreating his character Gruber the Ferret.

Gruber the Ferret by Chas

Chas is an illustration artist and currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. He received a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Animation from Damean University. His artwork is inspired by artists such as Bruce Timm, Jack Kirby, and Eric W. Schwartz. Media sources such as Disney, Marvel, and 20-90s cartoons have shaped his love for art, animation, cartooning, and character design. Learn more about Chas.

Evolve is an important organization in our neighborhood that provides support to individuals with disabilities and their communities through education, employment, and the arts.

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SEE US Pop-up - April 17 at Hop Farm Brewery

Roadkill Gallery and Evolve Coaching have partnered to host an art show highlighting local neurodivergent artists in collaboration with Hop Farm Brewery and Contemporary Craft. 

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Evolve provides highly specialized coaching services to more than 200 people each year in the Pittsburgh area, helping these individuals become integrated and productive members of the local community. 

Neurodiverse adults require a spectrum of support that is just as diverse as the people themselves. Living independently, navigating the college environment, making friends, and transitioning to the workplace are common goals of those we serve. Through one-on-one coaching services, social groups, and peer mentorship, Evolve provides each client with individualized support to help them meet their goals. 

Complementary to our work with clients is our ongoing effort to build partnerships with Pittsburgh-based post-secondary educational institutions, employers, and community-based organizations, educating them about how to effectively integrate adults with developmental disabilities into the community and workplace. Through these partnerships, Evolve provides a more complete system of support to the population we serve.​ Learn more:


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