Broken Glass Book Signing


Obsession can be deadly. When a fellow student in her glassblowing class drops dead, finding his killer becomes personal for amateur sleuth Kate Chambers. The young Eugene Rose had a bright future as a historian in the world of art collecting; luckily for Chief

 Detective Jablonsky, Kate’s connections to that world make her a valuable asset to his investigations. Her people skills open doors into situations that the chief needs a warrant to enter, and even though he often fears for her safety, her psychological insights have proven worth the risk.

 The deeper they dig, the more complicated this case becomes.

Join us for a book signing and reading of Broken Glass, the second book in the Pittsburgh Murder Mystery series by Rebecca Ann Miles. 

12:00PM - Tour of Pittsburgh Glass Center
12:30PM - Glassblowing demonstration
1:00PM - Rebecca Ann Miles will read a chapter from Broken Glass. A book signing will follow.


About Rebecca Ann Miles

Rebecca A. Miles (Stepek) was raised, educated, and established her career in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From her work as a psychologist specializing in Behavioral Medicine in Oncology, she became a recognized expert and presenter on grief, the grieving process, and the psychology of dealing with loss.

In Broken Glass, the second novel in her Pittsburgh Murder Mystery Series, Kate Chambers, amateur sleuth, and Chief Detective Stefan Jablonsky, follow the trial of a murderer into the rarified world of art collecting. They come to understand that collectors are often driven by an obsession to possess certain objects, either because they appreciate and are moved by their beauty, or because they imbue the object with a spiritual significance. Sometimes the desire to possess art is simply by greed. Kate and Jablonsky must answer the question of whether there is any limit to what a collector in the grip of obsession will do in order to obtain an antique piece of blown glass. Rebecca A. Miles holds a doctorate in psychology from Duquesne University.     

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