Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass


Bullseye Projects is pleased to partner with Pittsburgh Glass Center to present Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass, an exhibition of works from Bullseye Glass Co.'s biennial juried competition honoring outstanding contemporary kiln-glass design, architecture, and art.


Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass reflects the expansion and evolution of the medium and its community. Tg refers to the glass transition temperature that lies near the center of the region in which the material shifts between behaving like a solid and behaving like a liquid.  This metamorphosis embodies the ethos of kiln-glass, the transformation that occurs when glass softens and yields to the fierce heat of the kiln. Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass offers viewers an opportunity to explore the aesthetic choices, conceptual frameworks, and technical innovations of contemporary kiln-glass by artists from around the world.

Featured artists represent 15 different countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, and Wales.

This exhibition is presented as a part of the International Year of Glass 2022 with support from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass.

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