The United Virtual Opening


Join us for the virtual opening of "The United," a new exhibition opening at PGC that examines the complicated topic of immigration which is affecting many of us closely, as members of diverse communities, as descendants of immigrants, or as immigrants ourselves. The exhibition with artwork from 12 artists from Belgium, Northern Ireland, Russia and the US explores the possibilities for proactive engagement with immigration issues and offers a message of resilience, hope and resistance. LEARN MORE

6pm Hot Glass Demonstration with Priscilla Kar Yee Lo

Priscilla Kar Yee Lo is an artist that uses glass as a medium to convey her ideas and current concerns about the world.  

'''Biomythography,' a word coined by American writer and civil rights activist Audrey Lorde, refers to stories about life that encompass personal history, cultural narrative, and imagination. This term best describes my work as I strive to tell a story of my experiences and engage viewers in a dialogue about the constructions of identity. I am deeply connected to both my Western upbringing and my Chinese heritage. Thus, my identity is naturally full of dichotomies. These contradictions highlight the complex way in which our patriarchal society has subtly affected the female’s position within its structure and how it maintains its control through cultural/social expectations and normalized gender roles," Lo said.

7pm Gallery Tour and Discussion 

Join us for a tour of the gallery and a discussion about the exhibition with:


RADical Day

As a recipient of funding from the Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD), Pittsburgh Glass Center is proud to participate in RADical Days Fall 2020!

RADical Days is an annual THANK YOU to Allegheny County taxpayers with free events, programming, and activities at our regional assets. As with everything in 2020, this year's RADical Days is a little different, with a mix of virtual and in-person opportunities all throughout the fall. Visit for details!