Daria Sandburg

Pittsburgh Glass Center continues to support artists by recognizing a new artist each month. In July we welcome Daria Sandburg.

Born in Rock Island Illinois, Daria Sandburg was the co-founder of Bohemia Gallery in Tucson Arizona where she curated exhibitions while making her own artwork. In 2012, she moved to Pittsburgh for her residency exhibition, In Her Own Words, at Borelli-Edwards Galleries. In the summer of 2015, Sandburg took to the streets of Pittsburgh with her self-initiated social practice project, The Baggage Claim, an artistic community experience of sharing stories, burning up the drek, letting go, and using hope to fuel new possibilities. Most recently, The Baggage Claim was exhibited at Superfine! Art Fair during Frieze Week in NYC and Aqua Art Miami Beach during Art Basel in Miami Beach.

At the PGC Hot Jam performance on Friday, July 7, local glass artists will work together to create a glass version of The Baggage Claim. Simultaneously, Sandburg will “take baggage” from participants willing to share vulnerable truths. Once the suitcase is complete, all collected bagged will be inserted. The heat from the newly created glass suitcase will burn away the drek. 


Using found historical objects, sculpted metal, fused glass, narrative, and traditional medias brought meaningfully together to form a new coherent whole, Sandburg’s artwork gives form to time and memory by visually creating a quiet glimpse into a worn, personal history. Cast glass boats with sculpted metal sails, drift down a river of broken glass. River of Blues is a reminder to focus on that dream, sailing through will take us to our new destination. 

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