A Hot Summer Camp Option for Teens

Looking for and dynamic and unique summer camp option for your teen? Our Teen Boot Camp, part of our SiO2 Youth Glass Art program, introduces young artists in grades 6–12 to the science and art of glass. 

Pittsburgh Glass Center offers students the rare hands-on experience of learning the many facets of glass in one of the top facilities in the country. Sessions will include glassblowing, flameworking, kilnforming, and coldworking.

During the lunch hour all students will come together for discussion with the instructors and fellow students.

In the Hot Shop, learn the basics of gathering, blowing, and tool handling.

In the Flame Shop, students use heat and gravity to shape molten glass at a stationary bench torch.

In the Kiln Shop, students will be introduced to the world of kilnforming, from cutting sheet glass to exploring the creation of imagery using frits and powders.

In the Cold Shop, students learn to sandblast, etch, grind and polish.

Teen Boot Camp 2019 will be held July 8–12, and there's still time to register! Call 412-365-2145 or register online today.