LIT's Women in Neon to Gather for Artist Panel with She Bends

She Bends neon artists

March is Women’s History Month, and Pittsburgh Glass Center's current exhibition, LIT: Light in Transmission, features several female artists who are part of She Bends, the first and only collective of womxn bending their own neon. She Bends aims to create a community of support and inclusion for their artists while they strive for diversity and challenge the artistic norms associated with the medium of neon. She Bends members Sarah Blood, Eve Hoyt, Danielle James, Leticia Maldonado, Harriet Schwarzrock, and Megan Stelljes are all featured in the LIT show.

To celebrate Women’s History Month and explore the achievements and obstacles of female artists, Pittsburgh Glass Center will host a virtual panel with She Bends founder and artist Meryl Pataky. Meryl created this group in order to support womxn in the neon industry and promote representation in the iconic art form that has become interwoven into our modern lives. The artist panel discussion will provide an opportunity to engage with She Bends and learn about their unique work and perspectives in a male-dominated field. By fostering this dialogue, PGC aims to spotlight this accomplished collective of womxn artists and their stories.

This virtual event will take place this Friday, March 26 at 6pm ET, and will include a neon bending demonstration as well as information about She Bends, a history of women in neon, and a showcase of any artists currently in their studio. The event will be open to the public and does not require any knowledge about glass to join. Neon lovers of all ages welcome!

By CJ Dawson, Pittsburgh Glass Center Intern

LIT: Light In Transmission is on view through July 18 at Pittsburgh Glass Center and online. Learn more at

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She Bends Women in Neon Artist Talk