Mosaics: Glass Art, Piece by Piece

Families creating glass mosaic art at Pittsburgh Glass Center

Making a mosaic is a fun and easy at home activity. Plus, it’s a great stress reliever. All you need are tiny parts like colorful paper, bits of ceramics, or glass; glue; and something to decorate. Anyone of any age or ability can make a mosaic and almost anything can be mosaiced. Recycle something from around the home like a yogurt cup, flower pot, empty wine bottle, pickle jar, piece of wood, or even an old bowling ball.

To help you get started Pittsburgh Glass Center is giving away free mosaic scrap glass on Earth Day, April 22 (update: and also Friday, April 24!).

And here are simple instructions on how to get started with mosaics (pdf).

What is a mosaic anyway?

A mosaic is an artwork that is made of tiny parts to create an image, pattern, or decorative motif. Mosaics are assembled using colorful small tiles that are made of glass, stone, or other materials like stones, pebbles, shells, mirrors, and or other found objects like bottle caps held together with an adhesive.

Mosaics as an art form have been around for thousands of years. Mosaics were first discovered in ancient Mesopotamia, where small pieces of tile were found in a temple about 4,000 years ago! It wasn’t until the ancient Greeks and Romans that mosaics began to depict real-life scenes, patterns, and symbols. These ancient artworks laid the groundwork for contemporary artists practicing today!

Modern mosaics are found on everything from park benches and flower pots to windows and guitars. Artworks can be as small as an earring or a large mural on a building. You might have noticed the mosaic on the front of PGC or the artwork in the windows by Pittsburgh artist, Daviea Davis (pictured here). Mosaics can also be used in kitchen backsplashes, craft projects, gardens, and as fine art or public art.

Many of our students say that making a mosaic is a good meditation tool and relieves stress. Focusing on one image for a long time can be relaxing. Like meditation, creating a mosaic is like doing a puzzle. It can help train your attention and awareness, and help you achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

Mosaics are also a good way to spend time with your family. Anyone can make a mosaic. Working together for an extended period of time builds connections and strengthens relationships. On the flip side, mosaics can also be a great solo activity if you need some time alone.

Give it a try with our free glass kits. If you love it, sign up for a virtual mosaic class with local artist and PGC glass art instructor Sarah Cohen who says, “Now, more than ever, our world needs the connective and healing power of art. It’s the perfect time to learn a new craft.”

Student glass mosaic art from Pittsburgh Glass Center


Community Mosaic by Daviea Davis
Community Mosaic by Daviea Davis