What’s All the Buzz in the Hot Shop

Did you know that beeswax is an important part of a glassblower's tool kit? Glassblowers use beeswax to lubricate their tools. Beeswax makes the glass slide along more smoothly without leaving marks on the glass. It’s expensive to order and ship bees wax from across the country. That's just one reason we’re lucky to have Bedillion Honey Farm as a partner. 

Here at Pittsburgh Glass Center we use a lot of beeswax. Local beekeeper Mark Bedillion, owner of Bedillion Honey Farm, a small, family-run apiary here in southwestern Pennsylvania, keeps our artists' tools running smoothly by providing us with clean, locally processed wax. 

Beeswax at glassblowing bench

“We are first and second generation beekeepers, with our four children laboring along with us during hive inspections, honey harvests, and pollination moves. We like to say that we keep the bees, and the bees keep us,” said Bedillion. Bedillion sells his honey online, in local grocery store Giant Eagle, and many other markets in the region. Find out where you can purchase Bedillion honey.

This video shows the bee yards where our beeswax is harvested. VIEW ON YOUTUBE