You Can Enter To Win This Stunning Plasma Glass Art!

Enter to win this plasma art by Australian glass artist Harriet Schwarzrock! 

In conjunction with our neon and plasma exhibition, LIT: Light In Transmission, we're raffling off this gorgeous plasma artwork by featured artist Harriet Schwarzrock!

Raffle ends July 18. Proceeds will benefit PGC's artist residency program.

spaces between: crimson paired heart forms

(wall mounted box 2 plasma hearts, neon/argon and krypton)
$2800 value
box h 32 x 32 x 12 cm

On view in person at Pittsburgh Glass Center through July 18.



1 entry for $10 | 5 for $40 | 10 for $75 | 15 for $100

Raffle of spaces between: crimson paired heart forms by Harriet Schwarzrock

Artist's Statement:

The heart is often regarded of as our emotional centre. Working with this form allows me to contemplate many aspects of being. From the subtle yet essential electricity with our bodies, to our extraordinary similarities and our small differences. These forms are similar, yet they manifest different qualities of pulsing energy and light. Wonderfully this type of illumination can respond to our proximity exploring interconnection and how we affect one another.

Intrigued by the mesmerising qualities of neon and plasma, the processes used to create this type of illumination are based upon early developments in modern lighting. As a glassblower I have been able to experiment with making sculptural glass forms to fill with this interactive light. These forms have inert gases sealed inside, including neon, argon, xenon & krypton. Depending on the ratio and pressures, differing qualities of light are expressed. Sometimes they have a warm glow much like an aurora contained in a bottle, in others there are lighting like lines meandering around the form.

Although the gases are invisible, when excited by electricity they reveal subtle effects and differences. I am fascinated by this interplay between the invisible and the visible, between similarity and difference.

About the Artist:

Harriet Schwarzrock graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 1999 with Honours
in Visual Arts. Majoring in glass, after transferring from biology. Prior to graduating, Schwarzrock travelled through North America visiting renowned workshops and studios. On her return to Australia, Schwarzrock began assisting at Denizen Studio, Sydney, working with many of Australia’s best glassblowers, developing her skill and technique and finding inspiration and influence for her own work.

Schwarzrock’s practice is currently based in her backyard, in the Canberra Region, Australia. She and her partner and glass artist, Matthew Curtis, run a hot glass studio together, tinting custom coloured glass. Working with form and the spaces within, Schwarzrock has recently been developing interactive neon and plasma works. Schwarzrock has exhibited extensively throughout Australia and abroad. Her work is widely collected, and she has won various awards and been selected for prestigious residencies.

Schwarzrock is a featured artist in our current exhibition, LIT: Light In Transmission, on view through May 9 at Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Raffle contest ends May 9. Shipping can be arranged at cost.



spaces between: crimson paired heart forms by Harriet Schwarzrock


Harriet Schwarzrock photo