Pittsburgh Glass Center and the 3 Rivers Glass Beadmakers (3RGB) presented “embodiment,” the first jewelry and wearables exhibit at PGC.

Entries were received from around the world including Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom and the U.S. for this juried exhibition. Sixty-nine works of art were selected for exhibition including 10 artists along with several collaborators from Pittsburgh. Objects on display ranged from necklaces and wings to a crown and cape and reflected a variety of glass techniques. All of the art included in “embodiment” was chosen based on craftsmanship, aesthetic beauty, originality/creativity, and realization of the concept of embodiment meaning a tangible or visible form of a specific idea, quality or feeling.

Flameworked Entries Awarded by 3RGB

1st place - Floor Kaspers


2nd place - Linda Newnham


Pittsburgh Glass Center Awards

1st place - Lou Krueger


2nd place - Alex Fresch 


All Exhibiting Artists

  • Carolyn Baum
  • Heather M. Behrendt
  • Jill  Benfield
  • Jennifer Blazina
  • Sabina Boehm
  • Deborah Carlson
  • Eunsuh Choi
  • Sarah E. Cohen
  • Alberto Corte
  • Ronit Dagan
  • Meredith  Edmondson
  • Lezlie Foster
  • Alexandra Fresch
  • Nolly Gelsinger
  • Nina Sam Hibler
  • Lisa M. Johnson
  • Leslie Kaplan
  • Floor Kaspers
  • Joy  L. Knepp
  • Natalia N. Komorowska
  • Laura Beth Konopinski, Jason Forck and Valerie Herrero
  • Lou Krueger
  • Sara Sally LaGrand
  • Ronnie Lambrou
  • Hethre Larivee
  • Stephanie Maddalena
  • Michael Mangiafico
  • Melissa A. Melan
  • Ben Miller
  • Linda Newnham
  • SaraBeth Post
  • Gillian Preston
  • Madeline Rile-Smith
  • Laurie Salopek
  • Daria Sandburg & Percy Echols II
  • Barbara  B. Simon
  • Lisa F. St. Martin
  • Ann Steenkiste
  • Tiger Waddell
  • Jeri Warhaftig
  • Deborah B. Weaver
  • Jeri J. Wiskus
  • Margaret  L. Zinser Hunt
  • Caterina Zucchi


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