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With its chic, urban-industrial design, Pittsburgh Glass Center offers an exceptional space for hosting your group event, from intimate dinner parties and milestone celebrations to bar/bat mitzvahs and wedding receptions. With space for socializing, sit-down meals, presentations, and meetings, PGC is also an excellent location for corporate receptions.
Give your guests a truly memorable experience.

The Space—Chic + Sustainable

Once home to a Studebaker showroom, PGC’s unique building was redesigned in accordance with federal Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and, in 2006, received LEED Gold certification, which recognizes excellence in energy efficiency, water use, and air quality. It’s the exposed brick, glass paneling, and garage doors—all responsibly upcycled—that give the space its visual appeal. The building’s many windows offer stunning neighborhood views, and the garage doors can be opened to welcome in warm breezes during the spring, summer, and fall. During the winter, host a holiday party by the warmth of PGC’s furnaces.

The Possibilities—Practical + Exciting

We’re not just another pretty space. We can also offer your guests an experience.

  • Watch as glass artists collaborate to blow and manipulate molten glass as they create incredible sculptural pieces in the hot shop.
  • Observe artists turn rods of glass into exquisite beads, marbles, and miniature sculptures in the flame shop.
  • Explore the many amazing aesthetic forms glass can take in PGC’s Hodge Gallery, home to PGC’s contemporary glass art exhibitions.
  • Get hands-on experience, and allow your guests to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Get more details or call 412-365-2145 to rent the facility


Looking for a unique place to host your next corporate event, meeting, or get-together? PGC’s expansive conference room offers all the essentials:

  • Theater projection system
  • 12’ x 7’ video screen for presentations
  • Large white board
  • Plenty of tables and chairs
  • Easy first floor access

Book It Today!

Take time-out for a Hands-On Activity (for groups of 5 or more). For $35/person, make a glass flower, ornament, paperweight, pumpkin, fused-glass suncatcher, or glass bead!

To learn more,  call us at 412-365-2145.