Small Group Activities

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Small Group Activities for Friends & Family

Pittsburgh Glass Center offers unforgettable educational experiences for everyone, regardless of age or background. One of the world’s foremost glass art facilities, PGC offers tours and hands-on experiences in its state-of-the-art studios and contemporary glass gallery.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've limited the capacity of our activities to keep visitors and staff safe. We've also implemented many new procedures and policies for your safety. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

If you are interested in scheduling a tour or a class for your group, please complete this ONLINE FORM and we will reach out to you about the choices you have entered.  Completing this form DOES NOT CONFIRM your reservation. 

We welcome you and your small group of friends and/or family members to Pittsburgh Glass Center to take tour and watch a glass demonstration, or to try glass art with a hands-on activity. Your safety and enjoyment is our goal.

Private small group activities are typically scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Choose from the following options:

Welcome to Pittsburgh Glass Center


In this 1-hour option, pre-registered groups of 6 people or fewer receive a narrated glassblowing and/or flameworking demonstration and watch artists create amazing glass art. This is followed by a guided tour of PGC’s contemporary glass art gallery and a brief education on Pittsburgh’s lesser-known but incredibly rich glassmaking history. This option does not include a hands-on experience. ($85 for up to 6 people) 


Glassblowers working with masks


Bring the action of the studio right to your own screen! With our new state-of-the art technology, you can enjoy a private glassblowing demonstration and get even closer to the glassmaking action. Experience includes a live narrated 30-minute glassmaking demonstration and 15–20 minutes of exclusive conversation and Q & A with one of our expert glass artists. Receive special access to pre-recorded building and studio tours and a virtual tour of our contemporary glass exhibition to watch at your leisure and round out your virtual PGC experience. ($125)


Virtual Demonstrations with Pittsburgh Glass Center

Small Group hands-on Workshops

Schedule an introductory hands-on workshop for 2–6 people. You receive guided instruction from a local teaching artist to help you create your own sculpted, flameworked, fused, or stained glass work of art. 

Sculpted Glass Activities at Pittsburgh Glass Center


Pittsburgh Glass Center has one of the world’s best-designed and well-equipped hot glass studios. It’s a great place to learn how to gather molten material on a rod from a 2,100˚F furnace and sculpt it into various shapes.

2-hour experience. Each person will make 2 items. Ages 10+. 2-6 people.

  • Flower $115/person
  • Paperweight $115/person
  • Egg Paperweight $115/person
  • Pumpkin Paperweight $115/person
  • Tree Paperweight $115/person

Flameworking Activities at Pittsburgh Glass Center


Learn to make pendants, magnets, and small-scale sculptures by melting glass rods using a tabletop stationary torch. 

2-hour experience. Each person will make 2 or more items. Ages 14+. 2-4 people.

  • Wine Stoppers $95/person
  • Frit Pendants $95/person
  • Swizzle Sticks $95/person
  • Magnets $95/person

Fused Glass Activities at Pittsburgh Glass Center

Fused Glass Activities at Pittsburgh Glass Center


Using colorful flat sheet glass, colored glass granules, and thin glass rods, learn to cut and assemble glass while it is cold then fuse it in the kiln to create your own 2D designs.

1-hour experience. Each person will make 1 item.  Ages 6+. 2-4 people.

  • Suncatcher or Ornament 4x4" $40/person. 
  • Slumped Dish 5x5" $50/person 
  • Draped Votive Candle Holder $50/person

Stained Glass Activities at Pittsburgh Glass Center


Explore stained glass techniques while bringing to life at least two adorable, creepy-crawly critters. Add metal rods to your critter design and bend or curl the ends to create antennae and legs. 


2-hour experience. Each person will make 2 critters. Ages 6+. 2-5 people.


You’ve seen beautiful stained glass in homes, churches, and contemporary buildings. Now learn to design and assemble your own stained glass. Create a decorative suncatcher. Choose from the following designs:

  • Pumpkin, Fall Leaf, or Ornament
  • Star of David or Hamsa  
  • Bird or Butterfly  
  • Flower or Cactus 


4-hour experience. Each person will make 1 item. Ages 14+. 2-5 people.


Small group activity in the kiln shop

Private Lessons

One-on-one private lessons are a great way to go if you are anxious to get started in glass right away and just can't wait to join a class. 

One-on-one lessons are private, personalized instruction in any aspect of studio glass art from glass sculpting to beadmaking, coldworking and more. You get focused attention from our experienced instructors at your own pace. Beginners benefit by learning the basics and building a strong foundation. Experienced artists expand their skill set by focusing on a specific techniques. You design the program to fit your goals.

$175/one person ($80 each additional hour)
$265/two people ($125 each additional hour)

$120/one person ($60 each additional hour)
$200/two people ($100 each additional hour)

$160/one person ($80 each additional hour)
$250/two people ($125 each additional hour)

$160/one person ($80 each additional hour)
$250/two people ($125 each additional hour)

$120/one person ($60 each additional hour)
$200/two people ($100 each additional hour)



Private Glass Art Lessons at Pittsburgh Glass Center