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Daniel Kilbride

Daniel Kilbride

Pittsburgh Glass Center
Youth + Hot Glass Instructor
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Daniel began blowing glass in 2013 at Tulsa Glassblowing School (TGS) in Oklahoma shortly after leaving the military; starting in a paperweight class and quickly becoming enthralled by the glassblowing process. Shortly after becoming competent enough to teach basic flower and paperweight classes, and thus starting his career in glass. During his employment at TGS, he helped to start and instruct the military veterans program, (VETri), with the goal of building a community of veteran glassblowers of a wide variety. Allowing people to express themselves artistically within a challenging medium, but also to build a better sense of camaraderie within Tulsa veteran’s community.

It was during his time at TGS that Daniel began to take intensive classes around the country to pursue and improve his craft, but also to familiarize himself with the glass community overall. It was during one of these intensives that he visited Pittsburgh Glass Center and fell in love with the facilities and staff. Moving to Pittsburgh not long after in 2019 to become an instructor.

He enjoys the teaching process within the public access studio because of the one to one connection that can be made through the glass medium. Knowing that any student could potentially take up glassblowing as a hobby or career in the same way he has adds to the value he has while instructing.

He is a Tech Apprentice at PGC. He continues to gain experience as one of PGC’s part time instructors, a regular member of the Penn+Fairmount production team, working for other artists in the studio, and developing his own craft and product line continually in the hot shop.