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Kathleen Mulcahy and her husband Ron Desmett shared a vision in the early 1990s—to create an innovative glass art center that would transform our city. They had seen how the power of art drove economic revitalization in decaying neighborhoods and they wanted that for Pittsburgh. They envisioned a place where master artists and novices would work shoulder-to-shoulder. With the support of so many organizations and people like you, Pittsburgh Glass Center opened its doors to the public in 2001 and today educates over 20,000 people annually.

Ron is the perfect example of what happens when an artist is introduced to glass.
He was amazed, inspired, and transformed. 

Not many artists have that opportunity.

He was a passionate painter and ceramicist. When he was introduced to glass, it changed his art and his life. He reinvented the process of making glass, producing black lidded trunk vessels that contrasted with the transparent and pristine qualities of most glass work. He left behind an extraordinary and beautiful legacy, utterly unique in the world of glass. His work is in the Smithsonian, Corning Museum, Tacoma Museum of Glass and Pittsburgh's own Carnegie Museum of Art! He called what he did, "Making the ordinary extraordinary."  

Contribute to the Ron Desmett Artist Fund and help more artists make an extraordinary transformation. 

The Ron Desmett Artist Fund was established to foster the continued growth of artists and provide access to glass for artists who would otherwise not have that opportunity. In Ron’s memory, so many people have made donations to the fund. It recently reached $32,000! SUPPORT THE RON DESMETT ARTIST FUND

You can help us reach our new goal of $100,000. 

Your contribution cultivates, nurtures and supports diverse, passionate and creative glass artists. When we reach our goal, it will ensure that we can sustain artists well into the future.

Artists don’t often have the time and resources to experiment and try new techniques. This is what your contribution means to artists: 

  • Time to explore, experiment, and try new things
  • Exposure to glass, for many a new and exciting artistic medium
  • Expertise and assistance from talented glass artists 
  • State of the art facilities to create world class art
  • An environment that is encouraging, nurturing, and inspiring.

This is what the artist fund can do! 

  • $50  Pairs a local artist with a visiting artist for a two hours working together
  • $100  Purchases supplies such as glass and other materials for the artist to use during residencies
  • $500    Brings artists to Pittsburgh by covering their travel expenses and gives them a place to stay in Pittsburgh
  • $1000  Opens the doors of the Hodge Gallery unveiling a new exhibition for the world to see

You can see Ron’s influence and learn how an arts organization can transform a community in his upcoming retrospective at Pittsburgh Glass Center August 7 – 11. We also invite you to see a display of ordinary material through the extraordinary perspective of 15 Pittsburgh artists who were inspired by their experience at Pittsburgh Glass Center in the exhibition “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary” at the Erie Art Museum July 28 – November 12, 2017. 

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