Tech Apprentice Program

Tech Apprentice Program

PGC’s Technical Apprenticeship is an educational work opportunity designed for students who have completed their undergraduate study in glass art (or who have similar experience but have not completed a four-year degree program) and are looking to gain professional studio experience in a state-of-the-art, public-access studio. 

Tech Apprentice Program at Pittsburgh Glass Center

Tech Apprentice Details

Tech apprentices should leave PGC with the basic knowledge necessary to run and/or work in any glass studio. They are expected to be enthusiastic, self motivated and have a strong work ethic.  They are are encouraged to participate in classes as teachers, teaching assistants, or students and also take advantage of the opportunity to work in our studios to make their art.


Apply for Apprenticeship 

Deadlines to apply for the tech apprenticeships are April 15 (apprenticeship beginning in July) and October 31 (apprenticeship beginning in January).


Current Apprentices

Meet our current Tech Apprentices. They are talented, passionate and an important part of our team here at PGC.


Past Tech apprentices

We are very proud of all the tech apprentices that we've trained over the years. Many are still here and others have moved on to bigger and better adventures.