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Class Policies

Class Procedures and Policies

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PGC practices and policies, studio guidelines, and rental pricing are subject to change without notice.

Please email us or call our front desk at 412-365-2145 with any questions.

Emergency Contact and Release of Liability

Release of Liability Form must be completed and signed by students prior to participating in any studio activity. 

Photo Release

By entering Pittsburgh Glass Center, you consent to your likeness and or voice being used, without compensation, in all media, in perpetuity, and you release Pittsburgh Glass Center, its successors, assigns, and licensees from liability pertaining to this usage. If you wish to be exempted from the foregoing, please email us.

Minimum Enrollment and Studio Capacity

All PGC classes and workshops are subject to minimum enrollment and maximum capacity. If PGC cancels a class due to not meeting minimum enrollment, students will be notified via email and offered the option to transfer to another class or workshop or receive a full refund.


Maximum capacities of classes and workshops are determined by the physical space of each studio in consideration of available workspaces and along with PGC safety protocols. Enrollment will not be increased due to set capacities.

Age Requirement

Students must be at least 14 years old to participate in any introductory workshops in the Flame, Kiln, and Cold shops. Students 12 – 13 years old may participate in introductory workshops in the Hot shop with an adult chaperone present. 


Students must be at least 5 years old to participate in Family Fusing Fun Workshops and Make-It-Nows in the hot, kiln, and cold shops. Students must be at least 8 years old to participate in Make-It-Nows in the Flame shop. 


Students must be at least 12 years old to participate in Teens Only Workshops, Teen Bootcamp, MOLTN Teen Glass Sampler, Mixed and Mashed UP for Middle School students, and SIO2 after-school classes. 


Students must be at least 14 years old to participate in any multi-week classes. 


Students must be at least 16 years old to participate in a Summer Intensive class.

Clothing and Footwear Requirements

It is imperative that all students are dressed appropriately for their own safety and the safety of others. For any activity, participants are required to wear:


Comfortable and Natural Fiber Clothing

  • Natural fibers are necessary because synthetic fibers (such as spandex or polyester) can be highly flammable and are prone to melting when encountering the very high temperatures of hot glass, furnaces, tabletop torches, and kilns.
  • Anything that hangs away from the body like long necklaces, scarves, ties, or oversized cardigans, etc should be left at home or removed before class.
  • Jeans and t-shirts are great.
  • Clothing that Covers the Abdomen and Thighs
  • Shorts are discouraged or should be at least knee-length.

Flat and Closed-toe Shoes

  • Flip flops, sandals, open-back shoes, or crocs are not permitted. Something with a textured sole isn’t absolutely necessary, but certainly helpful.

Hair Tied Back

  • Hair that hangs forward, covers eyes, or can be tied back should be tied back.

Safety Glasses

  • The use of our studios requires the use of safety glasses while participating. We provide these for student use, but participants are allowed to bring their own.

Individuals not adhering to the clothing and footwear requirements will NOT be able to participate in class.

Studio Usage, Tools, and Supplies

By registering for any activity at Pittsburgh Glass Center, students agree to adhere to the general studio usage, clean-up procedures, safety guidelines, and policies outlined by instructors during each activity.


Tools and materials are provided to students for classes and workshops. PGC reserves the right to recoup the cost of broken tools if students are found negligent. Rental sessions are not provided with materials, but tools may be rented.

Multi-Week Class Structure and Attendance

Pittsburgh Glass Center offers multi-week glass classes for all experience levels, from beginners through advanced students. Classes meet in 3-hour sessions dedicated to covering a variety of material. In each session, students will see a demonstration of the skills they will be learning and practicing that session, followed by hands-on application for the remainder of the class.

Classes are structured in a way that students build upon their glassmaking skills each week. Students are strongly encouraged to attend every class, so as not to fall behind. In cases of an emergency and with advanced notice to the instructor PGC can sometimes try to accommodate a makeup session. Due to studio availability, makeup sessions are not guaranteed. If you need to be absent, you must email, call, or text your instructor in advance. Contact information is provided on the first day of class along with your course syllabus.

CMU and Scheduled Semester Breaks
Some 8-week classes are available for students at Carnegie Mellon University to enroll for college credit. As such, 8-week classes usually accommodate a one-week university-scheduled semester break (spring and fall). Breaks are limited to one Saturday and one Sunday to try and keep all of our classes on the same schedule. Dates of classes and breaks are online when registering and outlined in the class syllabus received on the first day of class.

Workshop Item Pickup

Due to the nature of hot glass, you will not be able to take any items with you. Hot glass must cool slowly over time to prevent stresses that will cause it to break. Items can be picked up at the front desk 5 days after your activity or shipping can be arranged at the time of your activity.

We will hold on to items for up to 60 days before discarding. Please contact us at (412)365-2145 or email us to arrange shipping if you are unable to pick up.

Late Fee

Registered participants are expected to arrive on time for their classes and workshops.


Due to the nature of our studios and the structure of our introductory workshops, we may not be able to accommodate a late arrival. Participants who arrive at least 10 minutes late may be asked to reschedule their activity and may be subject to a $25 late/rescheduling fee.


In the unforeseeable event that a participant is running late, they should contact the front desk at 412-365-2145.

Non Participating Observers

Children under 14, unless registered in a youth program, must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


With the exception of the hot shop, our studios have limited space for only registered participants. Non-participating observers might be able to observe a class or workshop in the hot shop from the bleachers when space is available.

Behavior Expectations

Pittsburgh Glass Center strives to provide a friendly and accommodating class experience for everyone. Participants and visitors to Pittsburgh Glass Center are expected to conduct themselves in ways that demonstrate respect for themselves, other students, instructors, and other PGC staff, studio spaces, and all materials at all times.


PGC does not tolerate disrespectful behavior, violence of any kind, or endangering the health and safety of other students or staff.


Alcohol and Drugs
PGC is an alcohol/drug-free environment. Activity participants may not consume any alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances before participating in a hands-on activity in Pittsburgh Glass Center studios.


Anyone found in violation of this policy will be deemed ineligible, may be asked to leave by staff, and will forfeit registration fees to Pittsburgh Glass Center.


Objects worked on or finished at PGC that appear to be drug paraphernalia will be confiscated and destroyed.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside Pittsburgh Glass Center. Smokers are discouraged from using the area outside the main entrance to take smoke breaks but can use the 2nd-floor balcony.


Please only enter and exit through the front door of the building located on Penn Ave. Some classes are scheduled during non-public open hours, if you are leaving the building outside our public hours, please alert PGC staff to ensure you can get back inside.


Do not prop open the door, and do not let anyone you do not know into the building.


Alert PGC staff if someone is trying to get in, or if an unknown individual is in the building.


With the exception of service animals assisting disabled visitors, animals are not allowed in Pittsburgh Glass Center. If attending or participating in a studio activity, in order to ensure the studio is accurately prepared for your service animal, please contact email us.

Food and Drink

With the exception of water, food and drink are not permitted in the studios during classes. Students are encouraged to bring a refillable, lidded water bottle to remain hydrated. A water fountain with a bottle filler is available on the 2nd floor in the hot shop.


For extended workshops, day-long activities, or extended classes, lunch breaks are provided. PGC has a refrigerator and microwave on site available for student use. Lunch can be eaten in the conference room, second-floor landing, or balcony.

Inclement Weather

In the rare event that Pittsburgh Glass Center cancels classes and closes due to inclement weather, all enrolled participants will be notified as soon as possible. Students are responsible for ensuring that PGC has up-to-date contact information.


We understand that participants come from faraway places to learn at PGC and that weather can vary dramatically between areas. We do not want anyone to get into a situation that they feel is unsafe. If you are concerned about traveling to a class that is not canceled, call or email us ASAP and we will work to reschedule you.

Refunds and Cancellations

PGC’s refund and cancellation policy vary depending on the type of activity. Please see the details below on the refund and cancellation policy that apply to your specific class or workshop.


If you need to cancel, please contact 412-365-2145 OR email us. If you are calling to transfer to another class or workshop, please have your secondary choice ready.


Please note, PGC reserves the right to update these policies at any time.


Make-It-Nows, Date Nights, and Introductory Workshops


If a cancellation request is received:


72 hours or more prior to the scheduled workshop
Participants may drop the class and receive a full refund or the option to transfer into a new activity where space is available, with no cancellation fee.


Within 72 hours of the scheduled workshop
No refund is available, but the participant may receive a credit on their account with us OR transfer into a new activity if space is available, less a cancellation fee per registrant:
$25 – Extended Workshop
$15 – 2-Hour Workshop
$10 – Make-It-Now


Multi-Week Classes


If a cancellation request is received:


1 week prior to the class start date
Participants may drop the class and receive a full refund less a $10 cancellation fee or option to transfer into a new activity if space is available, with no cancellation fee.


Within 1 week of the class start date
No refund is available, but the participant may receive a credit on their account with us OR transfer into a new activity if space is available, less a $50 cancellation/transfer fee per registrant.


Week-Long Intensive Classes


If a participant cancellation request is received:


30 or more days prior to the class start date
Participants may drop the class and receive a refund, less a $250 cancellation fee. The participant may also choose to receive a credit on their account with us OR transfer into a new activity if space is available, with no cancellation fee applied.


Up to 1 week prior to the class start date
No refund is available, but participants receive a credit on their account with us OR transfer into a new activity if space is available, less a $250 cancellation/transfer fee per registrant.


Less than 1 week prior to the class start date
Due to the resources required for our Intensive classes, we are unable to offer a refund, credit or transfer the participant to new activity in this timeframe.


If you have a special circumstance that requires you to cancel your travel plans, please call 412-365-2145 directly.
There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy. Please note that all classes are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment. If PGC cancels a class, participants will be notified via email and offered a transfer into another class of the participant’s choosing, or a full refund.


PGC is not responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or other travel costs. If a participant does not show up for their first day of class, or scheduled workshop, and does not communicate with PGC prior to their absence, we are unable to offer a refund or a transfer to a new activity.


If you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and contact us as soon as possible, and we will work with you to transfer your registration.