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At Pittsburgh Glass Center, we believe in the transformative power of glass and strive to build and support a diverse and inclusive glass art community. We are committed to providing opportunities to make glass accessible to anyone who wants to learn and create. Our scholarship program exists to assist in the financial challenges of working with this specialized medium.

Scholarships are awarded with consideration for both merit and need. Every student is eligible to apply for a general scholarship.

Students may also qualify for the following additional scholarships:

BIPOC Scholarship

Pittsburgh Glass Center’s BIPOC scholarship award reflects our commitment to include Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who have been historically underrepresented and denied access to opportunities in glass art because of generations of racism and discriminatory policies. BIPOC students are eligible for full scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria: Identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color

Garfield Resident Scholarship

Pittsburgh Glass Center’s Garfield resident scholarship award reflects our commitment to support and invest in the creative talents of our neighbors in our shared community of Garfield. All residents of Garfield are eligible for full scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria: Reside in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh

LGBTQ+ Scholarship

Pittsburgh Glass Center’s LGBTQ+ scholarship reflects our commitment to create an inclusive and diverse environment and empower LGBTQ+ individuals within the field of glass art.

Eligibility Criteria: Identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community

Veteran Scholarship

Pittsburgh Glass Center’s veteran scholarship reflects our commitment to providing a supportive platform for veterans to explore their creativity with glass.

Eligibility Criteria: Military Veteran with DD214 documentation

Youth Scholarship

Pittsburgh Glass Center’s youth scholarship reflects our commitment to providing a supportive platform and facilitating access to glass art for young artists.

Eligibility Criteria: Youth-aged student in middle or high school (12 – 18 years old)

Brian Ryall Memorial Scholarship

The Brian Ryall Memorial Scholarship fund was founded by the family of the late Brian Ryall, a member of our Pittsburgh Glass Center community. It aims to support those who wish to “Try something new, expand their horizons, or refine their techniques” in glass at PGC. Full scholarships are available for multi-week or intensive classes. 

Eligibility Criteria: Complete the following statement – I would use this scholarship to……

Scholarship funding is provided, in part, by the Ayers Foundation, The Grable Foundation, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please read “What Makes a Good Scholarship Application” (see below) for helpful advice. Applications are accepted and reviewed by type of class.

If you have questions about scholarships, please email Valerie or call 412-365-2145 x210.

Apply for the scholarship for the type of class you wish you attend. Choose from the list below:

Multi-Week Class Scholarship Application

8-Week and 4-Week Classes

Multi-week classes are offered each semester.

We are currently accepting:

FALL 2024 Applications

SiO2 Youth Program Scholarship Application

After-school classes for middle school and high school students are offered in the fall and winter/spring semesters.
A week-long summer camp for teens is offered in the summer semester.

We are currently accepting:

TEEN BOOTCAMP SUMMER 2024 Applications

FALL 2024 Applications

Intensives Scholarship Application

One-week intensive classes are sometimes offered in the winter/spring semester.

Summer intensive classes are offered in the summer semester. Classes can fill before the scholarship deadline. Unfortunately, PGC does not hold seats in summer intensive classes. Students wishing to secure a spot in a summer intensive (and willingness and ability to pay for the class whether or not they receive a scholarship) should register and pay in full. If a scholarship is awarded, the student will be refunded their scholarship amount. Summer scholarship applications must be submitted by MARCH 15. Recipients must pay any remaining balance before April 15.

Workshop Scholarship Application

Our introductory workshops are a great way to sample different processes and techniques with no experience required. Workshops are offered throughout the year.


Applications should be received at least 2 weeks before the date of the workshop choice.



What makes a good application?

The most common of all application rejections is for the simple fact that they are incomplete or received after the deadline.

What makes a good scholarship application?

When the scholarship committee reviews applications they are looking both at the written statement as well as the images included. Here are a few things to consider for both the written essay and the images:

The written short essay asks for up to three bits of information:

  • Your art and/or glass experience—In a few sentences try to describe what got you into glass, what you’re currently doing, and where you’re hoping to go with your work. If you have no glass experience talk about your work in other mediums and why you would like to explore using glass in your work.
  • What interests you about each class you have chosen—This is really an essential part to the written section, talk about how your practice relates to or would benefit from the course you are seeking a scholarship for. If it’s the instructor you’re inspired by and/or the technique. If you have no glass experience, talk about why you want to translate your work into glass and why the particular course would help you do so.
  • Information related to financial need and how this scholarship may remove a barrier to enrolling in this class— In a sentence or two let the committee know why this scholarship would help make it possible for you to attend and participate in the class.

The images:

  • Include 5 images! Include a few detail shots of your best works if you’re not sure if you have 5 separate pieces you want to include. If you are not submitting glass, include images of your other artworks.
  • The images do not have to be related to the course you are applying for. We would prefer to see you demonstrate your work as an artist/ craftsperson at your highest level, regardless of technique.
  • Do the best you can with the images themselves, we understand that not everyone can afford to have their work professionally photographed. Some things to consider when shooting your photos: LIGHT!! Make sure there is good light, outside can be a great option for getting enough light. Clarity, make sure you have the image or the detail of the image in focus. Background, using a neutral or white background can really help distinguish the colors.
  • Make sure to add text to give the photos context related to title, materials used, date, and scale.
  • If you have tried multiple times to upload photos and are struggling with the upload requirements, you can also email your images to Valerie.