Over the years, Pittsburgh Glass Center has facilitated over 30 residencies.  These residencies have involved artists from all over the country, working in all of the different state-of-the-art studios PGC has to offer, and have ranged from just two weeks to six months in duration.  

Check out a selection of our previous residencies below.

Artists Crossing Lines, Various Artists

The Communal Nest, Susan Taylor Glasgow

Neighborhood Mosaic Project, Daviea Davis

Halfway to Somewhere, Granite Calimpong + Brent Rogers

Lino Tagliapietra, January 2014

Jen Elek, December 2014

Therman Statom, Summer 2015

Eunsuh Choi, Fall 2012

Pittsburgh Biennial, Various Artists

River, Stream, Tap, Barrie Kaufman

Turned On: Lighting Hooks Up with Sculpture, Various Artists 2016

All of the Suddens, Kelly O'Dell, 2018

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