Cold Shop

About the Cold Shop

PGC has one of most well equipped cold shops in the country.  The studio is flooded with natural light and has plenty of table space for work. There is no project that is too ambitious for our Czech lathes and the arsenal of sintered diamond wheels available. PGC has been fortunate to host a number of world-class cold working instructors, like František Janák, Jiyong Lee, and Kathy Elliott.

COLD Shop Up Close 

Our air-conditioned Cold Shop features double the equipment within 770 square feet, including:

  • One 30" Sommer and Maca flat lap pumice wheel
  • Two 36" Steinert variable speed flat grinding wheels — 80 grit and 220 grit
  • Two Bohemia BMK1 lathes
  • One Merker GNH engraving lathe
  • Two flex shaft Foredom grinders
  • One 20" MK wet saw
  • Two MK tile saws
  • One Steinert double-spindle polishing machine
  • Two Sommer and Maca belt sanders
  • One Vibrolap
  • One 52" w x 28" h x 28" d recirculating sandblaster
Cold shop

Rent The Studio

A half an hour minimum applies to all rates in the Cold Shop. Please remember to always check in and out with a technician that is on duty. Other fees may apply for failing to clean up ($25), failing to check out ($25), cancelling within 24 hours ($50), and/or damaging equipment.

No Charge

Open studio is available for students who are currently enrolled in PGC classes.

General cold shop usage charged by the half hour. Usage of UV light is also this rate.

General cold shop usage with the addition of sandblaster, lathe, and/or saw.

HXTAL $5 for 3 grams, +$0.50 for each additional gram

Includes 1 cup for mixing, 1 pipette, 91% isopropyl alcohol, and lint free wipes.

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