Free Opening Reception: Friday, February 3, 6–9pm
Free Artist Talk: Friday, February 3 at 6:30pm

A new exhibition celebrating the artwork of the top three finalists from Season 3 of the Netflix series Blown Away. 

MiNHi England
John Moran
John Sharvin

After their experience on the Netflix series "Blown Away," England, Moran, and Sharvin were in transition moving toward an unknown future. They were invited to Pittsburgh Glass Center for a residency last year to consider their newfound fame and future and to create new work individually and collaboratively for an exhibition that they call “Undefined.”  

The artists said that “Undefined” does not equate to uncertainty. It is unspecified, unclear, and imprecise but it does not mean there is not a specific, clear, or precise direction. It is a place of transition. They are moving toward a future filled with the unknown and unexpected. 

For each of the artists “Undefined” takes on a different meaning, connecting through threads of commonality. There are underlying themes of uncomfortable conversations pertaining to the human condition in each work.

Undefined: MiNHi England, John Moran, John Sharvin


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Minhi Su England
John Moran
John Sharvin