Job Opportunities

Job opportunities


Hot Glass Coordinator

The Hot Glass Coordinator works in PGC’s hot shop and mobile unit, Hot Wheels.  Duties include teaching workshops, providing tours and demonstrations as well coordinating and facilitating trainings for instructors/TA’s, and assisting in scheduling contractors and part time staff for workshops.  The HGC will answer inquiries about PGC’s mobile furnace and coordinate the scheduling of mobile demonstrations. Learn more and apply.



The Outreach & Accessibility Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing tours, private workshops, and facility rentals and will provide marketing and program support as needed. OC will work closely with the Program Director on education related programming including school residencies, tours, and curriculum. OC communicates with over 70 independent contract instructors about available class and workshop teaching opportunities and books instructors for over 300 activities per season on average.

OC will work to schedule private group activities and tours for schools, girl scouts, and senior groups. They will also enter group activities and tours into a Google Calendar and send info to studio/tech staff/update instructor info # of students activities etc. The OC will schedule tour guides and artists to demonstrate for tours and hands on workshops in addition to collecting and tracking revenue, participation numbers for all tours, mini-workshops, etc. in the tour log.

As an Accessibility Coordinator, the OC also is the point of contact for anyone needing accommodations to full participate in PGC’s programs. The OC is the point of contact for sign language interpreters who translate PGC Hot Jams. The OC also actively engages groups from the disabled community for tours, demonstrations, and hands on activities at PGC. Click here to learn more and apply.


Technical Apprenticeship

PGC’s Technical Apprenticeship is an educational work opportunity designed for students who have completed their undergraduate study in glass (or who have similar experience but have not completed a four-year degree program) and are looking to gain professional studio experience in a state-of-the-art, public-access studio. Click here to learn more and apply