Kiln Shop

About the Kiln Shop

PGC’s 950-square-foot kiln shop has flexible space for kiln forming, with state-of-the-art ventilation, an individual mold making room, and convertible clam shell annealers. We are often joined by world-renowned kiln artists, including Susan Taylor Glasgow, Kari Minnick, and Helen Stokes, among many others. 

Kiln Shop Up Close 

Our 950-square-foot air-conditioned kiln shop has flexible space to accommodate all types of activities. It includes:

  • Four 2’ x 3’ casting kilns
  • Two 18" x 24" fusing/casting combination kilns
  • Two 20” x 40” fusing kilns
  • Two 24" w x 15" h x 22.5" d front-loading Paragon kilns
  • Three separate rooms all with individual ventilation: classroom, kiln room, and mold making area for both wax and plaster
  • Swing-arm ventilation in classroom space for painting, leading, or enameling
Kiln shop

Rent The Studio

NEW! Rental Hours: Sunday 10am-4pm. Monday CLOSED. Tuesday-Thursday 9am-9:30pm. Friday 9am-8pm. Saturday 10am-6pm. Subject to availability.

Please remember to always check in and out with a technician that is on duty. Ask for help if you are not familiar with programming kilns. Other fees may apply for failing to clean up ($25), failing to check out ($25), and/or damaging equipment.

COVID-19 Rental Guidelines

  • Kiln Shop Capacity: 5
  • Masks are required at all times when 2 or more people are in the space.
  • Use provided hand sanitizer and/or wash hands regularly.
  • Bringing your own tools is encouraged whenever possible.
  • All studio tools require sanitation after use. Spray and wipe tools after use and return them to the drawer.
  • Sanitize all touched and utilized surfaces as well as equipment after use with the provided sanitizing spray and wipes.
PGC Kiln Shop



Casting room rental (use of casting room and steamer, rate for firing depends on firing schedule) and/or kiln studio rental (use of kiln studio and its tools/materials).

Includes use of tools and equipment, materials not included.

Small Kilns* $40/firing
Hot Shop Casters $45/firing
Bell Kilns $50/firing
For slumping, fusing, basic firing programs no more than 24 hours.

* Small kilns are Y1, Y2 and the Paragons in the kiln shop.

Small Kilns +$20/day
Hot Shop Casters +$25/day
Bell Kilns +$40/day

For castings and longer firing programs.

First 24 hours is charged the standard rate; each additional day will incur these charges.


  • Bullseye Scrap  $7.50/pound
  • Plaster + Silica Fee (please bring your own plaster and silica)  $10/session
  • Hot Shop Steamer  $4/hour

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