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Light Lab

Light Lab: An Illuminating Experience

What is the difference between neon and plasma? What makes a neon sign glow? Is krypton the same thing that makes Superman weak? Learn the answers to these questions and more with Pittsburgh Glass Center’s Light Lab, a mobile neon and plasma demonstration station that can be brought to your location.

Learning about neon and plasma can be electrifying. PGC neon expert Percy Echols II is a Pittsburgh-based artist, alchemist, and educator who pioneered the development of the Light Lab at Pittsburgh Glass Center and is the creator and host of the podcast Taming Lightning. He developed this program to shine a light on the artistic and scientific application of electrified gasses.

You’ll have the opportunity to

  • Watch neon and plasma demonstrations
  • Interact with the artist and ask questions
  • Customize the demonstrations and discussions based on your curriculum

The Light Lab includes all of the special tools, torches, glass, gas, and equipment for bending neon and lighting up the tubing. Between demonstrations and discussion, you’ll be charged up to learn about light.

PGC Light Lab is made possible through support from The Pittsburgh Foundation.

To light up your next event with the Light Lab at your location, schedule now or call 412-365-2145.