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Multi-Week Scholarship Application


Scholarship Information

Full- and half-tuition scholarships are available for all classes. Every student is eligible to apply for merit-based half-tuition scholarships. BIPOC individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, Garfield residents, and veterans are qualified to apply for full scholarships. Full scholarships for veterans are provided by The Fine Foundation. Please let us know if you should be considered for one of the following scholarships.
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Class Choices

Please tell us your top 3 choice class you are applying for a scholarship for. We often run multiple sessions of the same class each semester so please be as specific as possible by including the dates, day of week, and times the course is offered.

Upload Artwork

Images are not required for beginner level courses. For anything intermediate or above, you must upload at least 1, but may upload up to 5 images of artwork. Images must be in JPG format and not exceed 1MB each. Video submissions no longer than 5 minutes should be linked to in the application text from a service like Vimeo or YouTube. DO NOT upload video files through this form.
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Accepted file types: jpg, Max. file size: 1 MB, Max. files: 5.