Repairs + Commissions

Commission an artist to make something new or repair something old

Pittsburgh Glass Center does not repair glass items on site. However, our community includes a number of independent, regional glass artists that may be able to fix your item or create something custom for you. Pittsburgh Glass Center is not responsible for the work produced by these artists. All contact, payment, and pickup will be coordinated by you with the artist.  

A range of different artists who accept commissions can be found in the links below. 

Repairing broken glass is tricky. It may seem straightforward, but it can be complicated based on the size of the object, the type and color of the glass, and the complexity of the break. Repairs start at $100 and many cost more to repair than the value of the item. 

See a list of artists that specialize in repairs.

You can reach out to any of the artists listed on this page individually. Feel free to send the same email to everyone, and they will follow up with you if the project works for them.


Suggestions for repairs and Commissioning a Piece of Glass Artwork

Know Your budget 

Knowing how much you are willing to spend for a custom or altered piece of glass artwork is one of the first steps. Bear in mind that each artist has a different system for pricing their work. Many artists will consider the cost of materials, cost of studio rental or time, time drafting or rendering an object, and the addition of a working wage. The resources needed to make items from glass, or even to repair objects, often exceeds expectations. Starting the conversation with a ballpark budget in mind allows artists to share the possibilities within your price range. 

What is your timeline? 

Repairing or commissioning a work of art takes time. Please plan accordingly when working with an artist.  Due to the nature of most processes in glass, the artist needs ample time to properly create your item. Begin consultation early and have a good line of communication with the artist during the process. Tight deadlines may incur “rush” fees.

What would you like the artist to repair or make? 

Take photos of the item that needs to be repaired. If you are commissioning a new work, have photos similar to your expectations, dimensions, and colors that will allow the artist to give you an approximate quote. Depending on the complexity of the commission or repair, an artist will set up a time with you for a consultation. Come prepared to the consultation with the broken item or photos and be flexible to other options the artist may present.