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Leo Fine headshot

Leo Fine

Studio Technician

412-365-2145 x204

New York City native and lover of cats, Leo Fine is a hot glass sculptor drawing inspiration from the natural world and the unique experience of being Human. Leo first discovered glass at Tulane University in New Orleans while completing his other degree in anthropology. Having first been introduced to glass mainly through the techniques of ladle casting, Leo’s desire to learn blown glass and off-hand sculpting skills led him to study under and work for numerous New Orleans glass artists and become a member of the glass community at YAYA inc., a New Orleans non-profit that hosts a public access glass studio. Since leaving Tulane, Leo has completed the Studio Assistant program at the Chrysler Museum, has worked with artists from around the country, and has exhibited work at the Norfolk International airport and at the Chrysler Museum itself. Leo is excited to become a part of the glass community of Pittsburgh and learn from the range of artists who work out of the Glass Center.